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Bos Nooij
Other names
  • The Boss
  • (formerly) Robosstem
Years activeca. 2005 – 2009
Known for

Bos Nooij (Dutch pronunciation: [bɔs noui̯]) (born 1993) is a Dutch former musician. Between 2005 and 2009, he was a member of The Fat Men.


Early life

Nooij was born in Amsterdam. His father worked as a bartender and, in his spare time, was the singer in a band. He has an older brother named Sam Nooij, who would also go on to become a member of The Fat Men (as CDEFG), and a younger sister. The Nooij brothers grew up playing street football together at the Balboaplein, where Dutch international football players Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard previously honed their skills, and they also played together at a local amateur club. On family vacations, they often went to a camping ground near the Dutch seaside, where they would meet people like Robin Jacobs and Mohammed Johammed Hammed Mohammed El Hamdoui.

Secondary education and career

In the summer of 2005, Nooij went to the Cartesius Lyceum, where his brother was in the fourth year. During this time, Sam (then known as Ahmed El Jappaoui and also as Wiriman At Doe Je) was a member of a club called “De Banaantjes”, together with Trent Easton (Ahmed Bobbenheimer) and Watson Waterstone (Dein Kahle). Bos increasingly tagged along to their meetings and eventually became a full-fledged member himself.[1]

Robosstem as seen in a The Fat Men intro video.
Background information
  • Novelty
  • hip hop
  • electronic
InstrumentsBacking vocals
Years activeca. 2005 – 2008
LabelsKatmadron Records
Associated actsThe Fat Men

Over the course of that same year, De Banaantjes began giving way to, and its three other members became the core of, The Fat Men. Initially Nooij was not a member of the band, but at some point during the recording of their album The Fat Man’s Diary he joined, contributing vocals and sound effects on two songs (“Teh Gruwelijke Hardcore” and the title song “The Fat Man’s Diary”), under the stage name Robosstem, as well as being one of the writers for “De Dikke Man Hem Ze Nieuws”. His style was similar to that of certain vocals heard in the work of De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, and his stage name (a combination of his given name and the Dutch word robotstem ‘robot voice’) was in fact a reference to a lyric found in a song by De Jeugd (“e is bakra muziek maar het is tantoe hard, robotstem, ALLES!”, which translates to “ay is buckra music but it’s well hard, robot voice, EVERYTHING!”). He is also known to have been inspired by Pharrell Williams.

Nooij was scheduled to perform more substantial vocals on two later The Fat Men songs (“BAMPO Is Dik En Kaal” and “Jouw Moeder Is Fokking Lelijk”), but although recording sessions were held, these songs were never finished. He would also appear on Extreem Extremistische Sport (“Extremely Extremist Sports”), a series of comedically-edited extreme sport broadcasts, with his brother and their cousin Bart Visbeek.


Bos Nooij
NationalityNetherlands Dutch
Top 40 Rally
Years active2005 – 2008
TeamsToyota Met Vele W!et
Last updated on: 10 December 2023.

Nooij participated in the fictional Top 40 Rally between 2005 and 2008 (the 2009 edition was planned, but did not go ahead), driving for customer Toyota team Toyota Met Vele W!et with his brother and cousin as teammates. In 2006, he drove a Toyota Starlet. By 2008, he had switched to a Toyota Corolla, and the next year he was scheduled to compete in a Toyota Prius.

Complete Top 40 Rally results
Year Team name Manufacturer No. Start Finish
2005 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota
2006 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota 12 5
2007 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota
2008 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota 2 12
2009 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota 17 cancelled



With The Fat Men

  • The Fat Man’s Diary (2006)

Songwriting credits



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