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Dirk Jan de Jong
  • Secondary school​ physics teacher
  • juggler
Years activeat least 2002 – at least 2008
Known for
Home townAmsterdam

Dirk Jan de Jong (Dutch pronunciation: [dɪɹkjɑn dəˈjɔŋ]) is a Dutch physics teacher, juggler, and noted bald man. He is the subject of the The Fat Men song “Meneer De Jong Is KAAL”. He entered the Top 40 Rally in 2005, 2006, and 2007.


Between 2002 and 2005, and possibly longer, de Jong worked as a physics teacher at the Cartesius Lyceum in Amsterdam, where he taught Watson Waterstone and Ahmed El Jappaoui. One day, he overheard someone saying “je kale” (Dutch for ‘your bald one’), which was used as an insult among pupils at the time. This greatly amused Waterstone and El Jappaoui. They decided that je kale was not only an insult, but simultaneously referred to de Jong as well. This became a running gag in their circle of friends and eventually led to the creation of the song “Meneer De Jong Is KAAL”, which in turn led to the creation of The Fat Men.

He later left the Cartesius Lyceum to teach at a school in Lelystad.


Dirk Jan de Jong
NationalityNetherlands Dutch
Top 40 Rally
Years active2005 – 2007
  • KAALheid
  • Team Gravity Juggling
  • Je kale Motorsport
Last updated on: 11 April 2021.

De Jong entered the Top 40 Rally between 2005 and 2007. The first time, the entrant was known as “KAALheid” (“BALDness”) and the second time as “Team Gravity Juggling” (not related to Gravity Racing International, which would later also enter the Top 40 Rally). In 2007, the name of the entrant was changed to “Je kale Motorsport” (a Dutch grammar pun that can mean “Your bald one Motorsport”, but also “Your bald Motorsport”). In this last edition he drove an Opel Kadett.

Complete Top 40 Rally results

Year Team name Manufacturer No. Start Finish
2005 KAALheid
2006 Team Gravity Juggling Volkswagen 36 35
2007 Je kale Motorsport Opel 40

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