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Welcome to The Wiki at J.A. Brown’s Website!

This wiki contains information about J.A. Brown (i.e., myself), people I have worked with, things I have done/made, and so on.

It consists of two parts: a private part which only logged-in users can see and a public part, which has the same content as the private part except that sensitive information about people, places and/or things has been withheld.

It is not possible to register a user account. This is in order to prevent people other than the subjects of the pages, all of whom I know personally, from editing.

The public part of the wiki, other than this page and the user login page, will be accessible at all pages that start with Public:.

Directory of publicly available pages
People Things
J.A. Brown De Krodkast
Dirk Jan de Jong Kabouter Bilspleet
Giorgos Kourelis PANNAmerican Productions, Inc.
Stefanos Kourelis The Fat Men
Toon Meister Top 40 Rally (no season pages)
Bos Nooij
Reinier van Velzen
Bart Visbeek

If you have recently received an account and want to edit pages, log in, then go to Tutorial.

How to search for pages

Due to a feature of the MediaWiki software with which this wiki was created, it is currently not possible to search publicly available pages.

I hope to be able to do something about this eventually. Until then, the only way to navigate to a page is by either typing the URL manually, or clicking a link on another public page.