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Bart Visbeek
Happa-tai 2.png
Visbeek, Sam Nooij (then known as Ahmed El Jappaoui), and J.A. Brown (then known as Watson Waterstone) doing an impersonation of Happa-tai.
Other names
  • Baruto
Years activeca. 2005 – 2010
Known for

Bart Visbeek (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈvɪzbei̯k]) is a Dutch former racing driver, Sam and Bos Nooij’s cousin, and one of the creators of Extreem Extremistische Sport, as well as the originator of Kabouter Bilspleet.


Visbeek grew up in Almere. During his youth and adolescence, he regularly visited a campsite near the west coast of the Netherlands with his cousins. They also met people like Robin Jacobs and Mohammed Johammed Hammed Mohammed El Hamdoui here.

Visbeek had an interest in anime and video games, often playing Metal Gear Solid with his cousin Sam, and later MapleStory with Sam, Bos, and sometimes Watson Waterstone. After the anime Naruto appeared on TV, he was given the nickname Baruto in reference to it.

In 2005, Visbeek joined Thomas Haertlein’s Spacing Forum and quickly became a regular poster there, inviting at least one friend who joined. He remained a contributor until around 2010 or 2011, when activity on the forum slowly drew to a close.

Role in The Fat Men social circle

Despite never being part of the band The Fat Men, Visbeek was a well-seen part of the band members’ social circle, and as such contributed notably to several in-jokes referenced in their song lyrics and various other materials. One such in-joke is the story of “17 cent” (17 cents): one day, Visbeek, his cousin Sam (known at the time as Ahmed El Jappaoui), and Waterstone had been eating out in Amsterdam-Oost. After the meal, the three wanted to split the bill, but whichever way they split it, an amount of 17 cents always remained. This caused great hilarity and led to “17 cent” becoming a meme that symbolized something worthless or insignificant; for example, prepaid mobile phone providers would often have a number subscribers could call to top up their phone credit that, when called, played back a recording saying Je beltegoed is … euro en … cent ‘your calling credit is … Euros and … cents’, which the friends would imitate saying “Je beltegoed is 17 cent”.

Another in-joke to whose origin Visbeek contributed, which originated the same day, was “Perronnivo”: when El Jappaoui and Waterstone took Visbeek to the Amsterdam Muiderpoort railway station to go home to Almere, they took an elevator to the train platform. The button in the elevator was labelled PERRONNIVO, which is the pre-1996 spelling reform spelling of perronniveau ‘platform level’; the three thought this spelling was funning because it looked to them like the name of an Italian pizza restaurant.

Visbeek was also on the roster of the The Fat Men football team, which folded before it played any matches.

Another The Fat Men staple originating with Visbeek was Kabouter Bilspleet, a fictional kabouter with a tree permanently protruding from his intergluteal cleft. Kabouter Bilspleet first came into being as a drawing by Visbeek, to which El Jappaoui’s father added what was supposed to be a cartoon fart, but this was reinterpreted by El Jappaoui and Visbeek as a tree. Kabouter Bilspleet was frequently referenced in conversation, song lyrics, memes, and in-jokes.


Bart Visbeek
NationalityNetherlands Dutch
Top 40 Rally
Years active2006 – 2008
TeamsToyota Met Vele W!et
Car number
  • 13
  • 3
  • 18
Last updated on: 10 December 2023.

Visbeek participated in the Top 40 Rally for family team Toyota Met Vele W!et between 2006 and 2008, always with his cousins as teammates. He qualified third in the 2006 edition. He was also on the entry list for the 2009 event, which ultimately did not go ahead.

Complete Top 40 Rally results

Year Team name Manufacturer No. Start Finish
2006 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota 13 3
2007 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota
2008 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota 3 7
2009 Toyota Met Vele W!et Toyota 18 not held

Extreem Extremistische Sport

Together with his cousin El Jappaoui, Visbeek was one of the originator of Extreem Extremistische Sport (Extremely Extremist Sports), a series of comically-edited extreme sport broadcasts. Two episodes of this were made. In the first, Visbeek, El Jappaoui, and Waterstone find a shopping cart on the street and hook it up to a bicycle, after which they take turns riding the bicycle while the others sit in the cart. This was then edited into a video accompanied by heavy metal music. In the second episode, edited by El Jappaoui and Waterstone, El Jappaoui and his brother Bos Nooij can be seen playing a game of paddle ball (or some variation thereof). This footage, shot while the two were on vacation, is interspersed with random excerpts of an interview with an Arabic-speaking man, seemingly some kind of religious scholar (footage probably taken from MEMRI TV), accompanied by fake subtitles that give the impression he is commenting on the ballgame footage.

Extreem Extremistische Sport was promoted on The Fat Men’s radio station FMFM 133.7 FM. No record is known of either episode being published anywhere, however, and both episodes were ultimately lost to history as a result of computer crashes.

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