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Kabouter Bilspleet is a fictional kabouter created by Bart Visbeek, whose characteristic is that a tree permanently protrudes from his intergluteal cleft. Created around 2005 or 2006 at a campsite near the Dutch shore where Visbeek and his cousins often went on vacations, it was initially simply a cartoon drawing of a kabouter, to which Ahmed El Jappaoui’s father added what was supposed to be a fart, and this got reinterpreted as a tree by Visbeek and El Jappaoui, causing great hilarity. Kabouter Bilspleet’s canonical English name (coined by El Jappaoui) is “Hobgoblin Bottomcleft”, despite a kabouter not being a hobgoblin but rather a kind of gnome.

Kabouter Bilspleet was regularly referenced in The Fat Men material and in their social circle, of which Visbeek was part, in general. Eventually, he was also used in the logo of a mock company called K. BILSPLEET TUINKABOUTERS (“H. BOTTOMCLEFT GARDEN GNOMES”).