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Meaning scientist. Entrepreneur. Polymath. Broadcaster. Game modder. Software developer. Linguist. Social and political commentator.
Free speech crusader. The Man with the MRGA Hat.
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“I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”
—Thomas Jefferson

Welcome to J.A. Brown’s Website!

Latest news

22 September 2023
The blog posts are back, or: Why WordPress Sucks
Well, well. Where do I start? For about two years (since 3 October 2021, as far as I can tell), the blog posts on this site haven’t been reachable. (It’s interesting to note, I think, that the previous redesign before that was also in October, on 5 October 2020, and right now it’s the end of…
4 September 2023
Test, test, is this working?
5 October 2020
UPDATE: Twitch channel, new website design, and more
I am now a Twitch streamer. Check out my channel here. I will be streaming mostly myself playing games while commenting on them. Right now I’m playing good old rFactor. I also plan to play Cities: Skylines, perhaps a mod of F1 Challenge that I really like, and who knows what else. …

About me

An image of J.A. Brown.

I am J.A. Brown. From childhood on, I have been active in a variety of creative projects in the area of media, art, and later language. In 2020, I graduated from Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, with my MA cum laude in linguistics. Around the same time, I came up with the concept of “meaning science”. Since then, I have focused once again on my creative ideas and projects. Today, I work as a software developer, as well as being the owner of a small business.

About this site

This site serves as both my personal website and that of my business. It is meant to give you an overview of my ideas and activities. If you want to know about my career and current business activities, as well as the people helping me to make them a success, check out Professional. If you want to know what “meaning science” is all about, have a look at Whence “meaning scientist”?. You can also read more about the academic research I have done at Academic.
There used to be blog posts here, back when this site was made using WordPress. I’m currently ‘de-WordPressifying’ it—the current site is written entirely in PHP by yours truly, in probably less than 500 lines of code all in all. The blog posts still exist in a database though. As you can see, the “Latest News” section at the top shows excerpts from the three most recent ones. I'm currently designing a system to display the blog posts on here again, as separate pages. This is the first step of that. When that system is finished, that’s when the de-WordPressification process will be completed.

Current projects

The best way to get in touch with me and stay up to date about my projects is through Locals. You can also support me there financially with a one-time or monthly donation.

In September 2022, I started working on a podcast titled De Krodkast. The podcast is in Dutch, aimed at a Dutch audience, and discusses general subjects of my interest. To listen to all episodes, or to find out more about the podcast, go to the relevant page under Projects. 🡢 Project status as of September 2023: Started recording season 2. First episode to be published later this month or early next month.

I recently announced the FISA World Stock Car Championship, the first championship broadcast through my new project Events Related to Potential. For more information about both Events Related to Potential and the FISA World Stock Car Championship, go to the relevant page under Projects or click the link at the top of this page. 🡢 Project status as of September 2023: Haven’t worked on it in a while. Due some work starting in October.

I’m working on an AI chat bot. A sort of alpha version of this bot, with very limited AI capacities, currently runs in Discord and will be available to the public on the official J.A. Brown Discord server. 🡢 Project status as of September 2023: Refactoring (version 2) in progress. Code will be available on GitHub later this year.

Also, I’m still redoing this site so that I won’t need to use WordPress anymore. One part of the site which is currently not available to the public, but which is slated for public release in 2023 at the latest, is a wiki on which I record information about myself and the various projects I’ve worked on over the years. Currently, only a private version of this wiki exists, which only I can see. 🡢 Project status as of September 2023: Haven’t worked on it since January when I updated the MediaWiki installation. Ever since, there’s been a slight problem with the logo AND all images need to be reuploaded (still missing a few). Needs about 1 more article fully done before I can make it public. Not actively working on it though, since other projects (ERP and De Krodkast) have more priority.

Finally, I have a YouTube channel that I use to broadcast my opinion (some might call it ‘ranting’) on current affairs related to freedom of speech, politics, philosophy, and so on, as well as one-off videos like “hood vlogs;”. I also publish my thoughts and commentary on Locals and on Twitter (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SHITPOSTING), and I have a Twitch channel where I stream myself playing games (all I have streamed so far is rFactor).
I’m not really using the YouTube and Twitch channels at the moment, although I sometimes randomly upload on YouTube. Twitch will be used again in the future to stream Events Related to Potential.

Future projects

In addition to the projects I'm already working on, I have a few more planned. They are:

  • – a new business activity (see Professional for more info);
  • – a comedy TV series;
  • – a new social network.

More information about these projects will be available on this site in the future.

Past and shelved projects

For projects I have worked on, or planned to work on, in the past, see Projects. I always like to keep unfinished ideas around in case I want to work on them again later, or someone else wants to.

Page last updated: 4 September 2023.

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