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Meaning scientist. Polymath. Software developer. Game modder. Linguist. Social and political commentator. Free speech crusader. The Man with the MRGA Hat. The Jordan Peterson Guy. Entrepreneur. Make Reality Great Again.

“I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”
—Thomas Jefferson

Media appearances

Man Made

I was on television in the Netherlands. Filmmaker Sunny Bergman filmed me for her film essay Man Made, while I was attending a Jordan B. Peterson event. She asked me a couple of questions about masculinity and Dr. Peterson’s effect on young men. You should be able to watch the video here:

Sometimes the video fails to show up due to issues with embedding. If that happens, this link should work instead.

I appear briefly around 24:44. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there are any English subtitles, or where to find them. If I have the time, I might try to subtitle my part myself or make a translation.

Dr. Oren Amitay’s YouTube channel

I was featured as a guest on Dr. Oren Amitay’s YouTube channel, discussing various topics such as the relationship between mental health and gender dysphoria, masculinity, the role of men in society and the nature of knowledge and its relationship to language.

Page last updated: 3 October 2021.