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Events Related to Potential and the FISA World Stock Car Championship

FISA World Stock Car Championship

Stock car racing like you’ve never seen before. The FISA World Stock Car Championship, broadcast on Events Related to Potential, is a virtual stock car racing championship consisting of 36 races around the globe. Although virtual, the world of the FISA World Stock Car Championship draws heavily on the real world in terms of drivers, teams and tracks. The cars, too, are a combination of real-world stock car categories (NASCAR, Stock Car Brasil, and Turismo Carretera).

Basically, the FISA World Stock Car Championship is my personal take on what it would look like if there were a worldwide championship for stock car racing, organized by some organization like the FIA. It is inspired by Cynon44’s TM Master Cup.

What is Events Related to Potential?

The FISA World Stock Car Championship is part of the larger FISA (Fiction Irrationnelle du Sport Automobile) universe, which is in turn part of the world of Events Related to Potential. Events Related to Potential is my new project that allows you to jointly build a world of virtual events, starting with the FISA World Stock Car Championship and expanding in subsequent seasons to other motor racing events and eventually perhaps other events too. For more information, watch this video in which I announce and explain the concept:

How does it work?

The idea behind Events Related to Potential is that you influence the events in the virtual world by means of role play. This will take place on some forum. For example, you can choose to play as a driver, a team owner, a manufacturer or a track promotor. I will use your role-playing to adjust values in the simulation, which is done in rFactor. Then, I will turn these simulations into broadcasts that will be aired on my JaybeeGaming YouTube channel, Twitch and Locals.
In the first season of the FISA World Stock Car Championship, this role-playing will not happen yet. I will run the whole thing by myself as a sort of proof of concept. Starting in the second season, you will be able to participate, and there will be other racing categories in further seasons. More details to follow.

Page last updated: 1 November 2022.

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