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Life update and a BIG THANK YOU to my new supporter on Locals

Posted on 28 January 2024 in Media

Three days ago, the plaster cast was removed from my wrist. It’s still a bit painful, so I was worried the fracture might not have healed correctly, but the doctor told me it has and that the pain is due to muscle stiffness. It’ll be four weeks before everything will be back to normal, and in the meantime I have to do finger and wrist exercises, so there’s that.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on graphics widgets for FISA World Stock Car Championship broadcasts. It’s going pretty well, but I don’t think the first broadcast will be ready very soon, most likely not before the real-life Daytona 500. Anyway, patience.

In other and VERY GOOD news, I now have a supporter on Locals! My boy Nico, known for his comedy videos including this one that was retweeted by ELON MUSK himself (and also a recurrent guest on De Krodkast, for you Dutch speakers out there), donated a generous amount of $30. I have now reached my original goal for Locals, which was to get 1 supporter. Therefore I will now move on to a new goal: 2 supporters.

Your donations on Locals enable me to invest in equipment I need to produce better video, audio and software faster. Think of cameras, lamps, hard drives for storage, and (eventually) a new computer. And perhaps most importantly: time. Given that I currently work four days a week, I only have one day a week, maybe two if I’m lucky, to work on products for you. This means I can’t release new videos, podcasts, songs, software, etc. very fast. $30 might not seem like a big deal, but if I could get 50 people to give me that each month, I could start spending more time on my own business…

In fact, come to think of it, I should probably make a post on my Locals detailing how your money helps me (and you, by extension). I already made one a while ago, but I should make another one to celebrate my new supporter.

As a bonus for supporting me on Locals, I’ll mention your name in my stuff, like I did with Nico here, and if you have any stuff you’re working on, like maybe a YouTube channel, I can also advertise that! If you have any other ideas for perks I could offer to my supporters, feel free to let me know. I win a little, you win a little, we all win a little.

See you around!

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