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TOMORROW: My articles first appear in a peer-reviewed journal

Posted on 16 December 2019 in Academic, Language

Last modified on 5 October 2020

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 17 December), the first issue of RUːts (Radboud Universiteit Taalwetenschap Studententijdschrift; “Radboud University Linguistics Student Journal”), a peer-reviewed journal founded by some of my fellow linguistics majors at Radboud University, is coming out. Two of my term papers from last year’s courses, Independent Pronoun Semantics: the pragmato-semanto-syntactic processing of pronominal reference and “Eu nunca falei nada pra ninguém não, né!” A variationist corpus study of negative concord in Brazilian Portuguese, are included. This marks the first time my papers are published in a peer-reviewed journal. There will be a launch party on the Radboud University campus. I will be there to receive a copy. Looking forward to it!

You can read the papers HERE and HERE. Note that the versions that appear in the journal are slightly different.

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