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Posted on 23 December 2019 in Academic, Language

Last Tuesday, there was a launch party celebrating the first issue of RU:ts, the linguistics journal by and for BA and MA students at Radboud University. It includes two of my articles, which I originally wrote as term papers for courses. After a short introduction, all published authors received a personal copy to loud applause from the audience. I was the only author with two papers, which made me a little embarrassed, to be honest. You can read the whole issue, including my papers, on their site. (Note: my papers as published in the journal differ slightly from the versions I shared last week.)

Here's me with my copy of the first issue. To my right are the editors-in-chief.

It feels great to finally be published in a peer-reviewed journal. Even if it’s a small, new one, founded by my fellow students, it still counts and it’s a first step on the way to what will hopefully be many peer-reviewed publications. It was also a great experience to go through the whole process of submitting, reviewing other people’s articles (everyone reviewed each other’s articles), and having to make changes to my articles in order to get them published.

In the meantime, I’ve submitted a presentation abstract to another conference on the 31st of January, and if I am accepted, I might also submit a paper for publishing in their conference proceedings. Stay tuned for news on that.

Here’s to many more!!

P.S. That shirt I'm wearing is merchandise from Polymath University, a project founded by my friends Nico and Marlie. They have really cool science popularization videos. Make sure to check out their YouTube channel! I'll be doing a miniseries on linguistics for them, hopefully sometime in January.

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