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Posted on 24 October 2019 in Academic, Public Speaking, Philosophy

We had a long and very enjoyable day today at the Moving Humanities conference.

First, I had an exam in the morning. I think I passed, but I didn’t study very well because the conference and my presentation were taking up all my attention. After that, Nico’s presentation was on at 12.30 and my own at 14.00. Both were received very well by the audience. Afterwards I socialized a bit, but talked mostly to my friends. Still, I managed to give my business card to about three people. Not bad, all things considered. It was mostly fun to introduce Nico, his girlfriend and another mutual friend to some of my other friends.

I love the exchange of ideas that goes on at these kinds of conferences. It really gives me energy!

My presentation was filmed and will be available soon on my YouTube channel. Nico’s will be available on his, and also through his site Polymath University (which he did not fail to advertise). I was dressed for the occasion; you’ll see. In the meantime, here are some photos I took. The guy in the last video is Bas Haring, a well-known Dutch philosopher who used to be an artificial intelligence guy.

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