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NEW VIDEO: My presentation at the Dutch Annual Linguistics Day (De Grote Taaldag) 2020

Posted on 3 February 2020 in Academic, Language, Public Speaking

Last Friday, as previously announced, I presented my paper "Iconicity of the vowels in Dutch verbs: A review of Foolen (2019) and related literature" at the Dutch Annual Linguistics Day, also known as De Grote Taaldag, organized by AVT and Anéla and held at Utrecht University. Here's the video:

The turnout was pretty good. Dr. Foolen himself was also in the audience. I got some pretty nice comments on the presentation (questions at the end are not included, because we were asked not to for reasons of privacy). I'm gonna try and see if I can submit the paper for publication in Linguistics in the Netherlands, the AVT journal where proceedings from De Grote Taaldag are always published.

See you at the next conference, hopefully!

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