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The Werkmemes API is now available

Posted on 7 October 2023 in Programming

The Werkmemes API is now up and running at

The Werkmemes (Dutch for “work memes”) API is a way for some of my friends and me to access certain meme images that we made when we worked together at the same company. Previously, I had to manually copypaste the images into our chats from my computer.
While this may not be of particular interest to anyone else, it was a nice exercise in making an API. I enjoy making APIs and I can use the structure of the Werkmemes API as a skeleton on which to build future APIs.

The code will be available on GitHub. Currently, the API is written using the Flask library because that was the easiest way to do it. However, I want to rewrite it so that I don’t need any external libraries, because I don't want my code to suddenly break when a dependency needs to be updated. (I’ve run into this a few times when coding for an employer and it’s been a terrible experience every time, so I prefer to not rely on external libraries for my code.) Once I update the code and upload it on GitHub, I will let you know.

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